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How do you involve youngsters in talks about their real thoughts and feelings? And how can you discuss citizenship themes with them in a way that affects them? Those were questions we received as a trainers' collective from mentors and coaches of young people. For this purpose, we have developed a set of coaching cards. With these, you can easily start a conversation as a coach, mentor, teacher, supervisor, in or outside education. These cards are in Dutch and are used with great success in the Netherlands.

Set of 3 games: 'Worden wie je bent' 

‘Worden wie je bent’ means 'becoming who you are' and this set includes three coaching games for young people aged 14-22. Each game is contained in a luxury cassette with a brief manual. The games can be played in class, in groups / pairs and individually.

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Coaching game: ‘Wat kan ik, wat wil ik?’

This game is called 'What am I capable of, what do I want?'. It helps participants explore which general competences they master and to what extent. The language is simple. The game can be played in class, in groups or individually. No preparation is required, due to the clear game tips. There are cards in seven categories. Per card one competence is discussed. The back of the card features questions that make the competence concrete. For example (in 'Social Skills'): I take account of others.

• What do you do to take others into account?
• Why do you take account of others?
• What is difficult in taking account of someone who is very different from yourself?

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Coaching game: 'Wat heb ik te zeggen?'

'Wat heb ik te zeggen?' means 'what do I have to say?'. It contains over 100 picture cards with which the participants enter into conversation: What does this tell me? What have I been through and what do I want to say about it? The photo cards were developed for young people in the Dutch situation and divided over situations of Street, School, Internship / work, Society and Spirituality.

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Coaching game: ‘Wat valt hier te winnen?’

If you are in a difficult situation, or have to deal with insoluble problems, how do you stay 'afloat'? Just as athletes prepare themselves mentally for a competition, you can use techniques of positive thinking in daily life. In this game, which translates to 'What's to gain here?' every card outlines a problem.

For instance:
- (General) I'm not going to swim. I do not feel comfortable in swimwear.
- (School / work): At my internship nobody says anything to me during the breaks.

The game offers tools to approach the situation in a new way. In these tips, influences are recognizable from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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The cards work great! (...) An anecdote: I used them in a group of immigrants. I showed the picture of Sinterklaas and asked: "What do you see?" .... "The Pope!" ("No, not the Pope") "Santa Claus" ("No, not that either!") "Oh !! Sinterklaas! "And then a participant told us about her son who had celebrated Sinterklaas at school. That led to a very good conversation in the group about Sinterklaas.

Bianca De Kruijf

Teacher/practical trainer at Albeda College, AKA

We have played your game a few times. You start talking to each other about what you think is important. And about what you can and can not do. It was fun. You talk differently with each other than you normally do. I also started thinking about certain things. The hour went by quickly.

Fabio (17)

Student at ROC Asa, niveau 2

I deploy the games in countless ways: during a coaching session, for example, I ask students to draw a card from the game 'What's to gain here'. The young people at our school have dropped out from other courses and have often been told that they can't do anything. With this game they learn to give a positive twist to negative situations or thoughts. It starts with believing in yourself.

Sigrid van Gils

Career counselor at ROC ASA Amsterdam

I use the toolkit 'Become who you are' in one-on-one coaching sessions with young people. The cards are nicely executed and inviting. Young people are invited in a playful way to reflect on their own attitude and behavior and the possible alternatives for this. The cards fit in well with the experiences of the young today. What appeals to me is the solution-oriented way of asking questions. Do not linger in the problem, but challenge the youngster to see how he / she would want it differently. Future-oriented.

Ingrid van den Bosch

Trainer Adolescent Coaching.

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