Realizing goals together

On a project basis, I work with others on mattering issues that have not yet been fully developed. For example, I regularly participate in occasional coalitions or consortia in which forces are bundled around a social goal.

Learning from each other

Are there changes your team wants or needs to respond to? And what is the best way to do so? I introduce the right experts from my network to work with your team. Especially when many different insights come together, we can learn a lot from each other. We work with a clear approach: 'soft on the relationship' and 'hard on the case', so that the occasional collision and abrasion does not cause any relationship damage.

Jorna Management is also a recognized institution for short-term vocational education. For this we are CrKBO-registered. Training and services that are directly related to professional practice can be exempted from VAT. This applies to study days and retraining, but also to other interventions to function better in a (future) job.

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