Your brain

Everyone processes information and events in their own way. Most of the times this works well.
However we all experience problems sometimes: information is processed incorrectly, our head gets overcrowded with thoughts or we get troubled by nasty memories or thoughts.



In charge of your brain

The 'MatriXmethod' by Ingrid Stoop is a surpring coaching technique. It helps children and adults with learning difficulties and with mental problems, such as fear of failure, lacking or minimal self confidence, anger and behavioral problems.  It is suitable for all ages.
You learn to solve your own issues and you don't have to speak about the content of your problem.

Guidance through matrix coaching

As a matrix coach I can help you to take control of your brain in 1-5 sessions:
1) to clear your head
2) to rewrite incorrect information and
3) to neutralize negative triggers.

During the sessions you remain in charge of your brain and thoughts, regardless of your age.

I work on location in Groningen, The Netherlands.
In the nearby future it will also be possible to have a session by telephone or Skype.

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